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BUM 2008

BUM 2008

“Does this strike a chord with you?…

Bloggers’  Universe Malaysia Gathering 2009 will feature three brainstorming sessions involving Speakers and Audience with the general theme of  “4th and 5th Estates — On Collision Course?”.

This annual initiative — the third such outing in three years — is mainly by a group of bloggers in association with the Centre for Policy Initiatives — acting on the Third Annual Event in May to mark World Press Freedom Day which falls on 3rd May. At BUM2007, the Organising Committee indicated it would like to pass the baton to the National Alliance of Bloggers Committee (All-Blogs) to organise such events perhaps on an annual basis, but since All-Blogs’ official registration is still pending, this Group of “lazy” BUMmers quite excited with Blogosphere making the limelight nowadays, unashamedly take on the task to organise BUM2009.

We wish to emphasise that we do not represent any particular group of bloggers/writers affiliated with any particular political party as we serve in the BUM2009 OC in our individual capacities.

From year one’s outing that was BUM2007, the Programme as first mooted by blogger Howsy, is focused on Socio-Political (SoPo) Bloggers, and Civil Society activists, we are often encouraged by one Taiko-blogger’s — he’s now also an MP —  motto “Thinking Aloud, THINKING ALLOWED“.

And the brainstorm sessions will be conducted in the spirit espoused so succinctly by VOLTAIRE’s: “I may disagree with what you say but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it.”
Regards, YL

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  1. Rocky’s back huh? Nice …..

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