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Have They Failed Us? This year’s event, on May 16 at Subang Jaya, won’t be just about the new media and blogs. The organisers have gotten a bit more ambitious and want editors from the mainstream media to sit at the same table with their new media brothers and sisters and discuss common issues.

We have just gotten a tentative “yes” from the No 1 man from the No 1 English daily The Star, Wong Chun Wai (pic).

Citizen Nades of theSun, a regular at BUM, will be there. Saodah Elias from The Star has also confirmed her participation. The organisers are hoping to get at least one or two more MSM editors to balance things up.

The list of bloggers includes a couple of YBs, online news pioneers, top lawyers, politicians.

“Have they failed us?” is a question that can be asked of the mainstream media as well as the new media.

The Chairman of BUM2009 says we have seats for only 200 bloggers! That’s going to be a problem, especially if we get our Suprise Blogger to helicopter in for the event!

Check out our official blogsite for details, here.

Note: Saodah cancelled – YL Chong


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  1. Dear all:

    Wrt “Saodah Elias from The Star has also confirmed her participation. ..”, as Chair, I must apologise for this “error”; this insertion was “factually incorrect” arising from a miscommunication within the BUM2009 OC (Organising Committee). At the early stage of organising this Event, her participation was highly anticipation but NOT confirmed. ~~ YL Chong

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